The revelation of The Incorrigible

Finally it is time to reveal the cover of the book “The Incorrigible” by Harriet Dumont (the book is available for pre-orders at SF-bokhandeln). This weekend we even had the honour of meeting the artist Myra Sjöberg and we are truly grateful to her for her excellent work!

But no cover reveal is complete without a glance at the back cover:

“On the night the dragons burned Port Vert to the ground, one person escaped the city by mere chance, ending up on the infamous pirate ship Incorrigible, rumoured to be crewed by sorcerers. For the exile – and for the pirates – life would never be the same again.

The Incorrigible is an erotic fantasy novel exploring the many possibilities of pirate smut. Be prepared to have your timbers shivered and your swash buckled when you set out to sea with this proud ship.”


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